A team of experienced physiotherapists for multidisciplinary care

In order to ensure quality care for our patients, we have turned to a trusted partner Physio Clinics. Physio Clinics is a network of several physiotherapy centers in French-speaking Switzerland. In search of excellence, each center offers patients unequalled standards of quality, care and reception in a refined environment.

The choice of Physio Clinics as a partner was motivated by the following main elements:

  • The seriousness of this company to ensure the continuity of your treatments.
  • The business skills of the Physio Clinics network for pre and post-operative physiotherapy treatments on the whole of French-speaking Switzerland.
  • Their investments in equipment and continuing education allow them to establish standards of quality and efficiency. quality load.

Physio Clinics ensures the post-operative follow-up of patients operated on at the clinic as well as the management of ambulatory patients coming with a medical prescription.

To make an appointment or if you would like more information about Physio Clinics, we invite you to visit the website