Clinique CIC Collombey

Discover the future CIC Clinic in pictures and videos

It's official! Clinique CIC Suisse arrives in Collombey-Muraz in the summer of 2021 with an outpatient surgery center that will be the 3rd CIC Clinic in French-speaking Switzerland.

Outpatient surgery, or day surgery, is a surgical treatment allowing the patient to be discharged on the same day of admission. This type of surgery, which benefits from technological developments, allows the treatment of a larger number of patients, while reducing the risks, particularly in terms of infections, and has the advantage of facilitating a quicker return to normal life.

The first shots were given on February 10 for approximately 15 months of work. For those who know the region, the project is located in the artisanal zone of the Plavaux next to the stadium. The construction extends over 3000m2 spread over 3 floors:

  • The first floor will consist of a reception area, waiting area and technical rooms.
  • The 1st floor will be set up in a later phase for specialized medical consultations.
  • The 2nd floor will house an operating room with 4 rooms, 2 of which will be open space, a 23-seat day hospital and a sterilization unit.

This page is updated with new photos of the evolution of the construction site, so we invite you to come and consult it regularly to follow the construction site step by step with us!